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Get this Free Blog Flipping Tutorial with a clear business plan

Blog flipping for income has been around for a long time now and it has a huge market on sites like "Flippa" and other similar websites. The main concept of blog flipping is like renovating an old house. You buy an old house, renovate it, add its value and sell it for a profit. It definitely has some costs at first but once we added the value, it is going to sell for a higher price. There is no 100% certainity that your renovated website will bring in profit; no other market has a 100% profit either. So here i will be presenting Free Blog Flipping Tutorial where the basics of the business is explained, and you will also be offered a super low-cost plan that you can test the market with.

This Free Blog Flipping Tutorial is not detailed, but shows you the basics

Some businesses hide some secrets about their businesses for a reason. The competition out there is unforgiving, meaning, there are so many out there ready to beat you with your own game. So, this tutorial is just the basics of blog flipping and where to sell your renovated blogs. But you can as well guess few things and figure it out. It is no secret that thousands of websites and blogs are created and vanish eveyday. They are created because businesses and people need websites, they are dystroyed because so many will never be successful.

Good to grab this Free Blog Flipping Tutorial and test the market

You may have thought that renovating a blog will cost you too much. No, i will present you a super low-cost business plan you will be happy about. You definitely need hosting, domain name and ready-made wordpress blog. All these could cost you $60-120 elswhere, but why cost too much before you test the market?

I would suggest you have a test drive spending not more than $20, if you are willing to do some of the work by yourself. You definitely have to change the blog's graphics, articles and add value you thought will attract the market. These activities take time and planing but worth it as we are adding value for the blogs.

The simple plan is;

  • Choose and buy the ready-made blog you want to flip (Health related wp blogs)
  • Get a top level (.com) domain name that relates to the blog title and change DNS to your hosting DNS
  • Sign up in a free or low-cost web host (Free hosting, Low-cost hosting)
  • Install your blog, log-in and start renovation
  • When ready to sell go to the market and sell your blog

               Download free Blog Flipping Video Tutorial here

(The file is stored inGoogle  drive and google may tell you the files are not scanned. Be assured that you will download what is promissed here)


Does Fast Food Cause Acne?

Acne is a skin problem that develops when the oil-secreting skin glands get blocked and a build up starts. The association between Acne and Fast Food has always been discussed about everywhere, but does fast food cause acne? This video may help you find the answer and read more report at Does Fast Food Cause Acne? blog too

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33 Weight Loss PLR eBooks


Collection of 33 Weight Loss PLR eBooks for only $8

weight loss plr ebooks

Here comes another collection of 33 Weight Loss PLR eBooks that come with different user licenses. Most have a resell/master resell rights and plenty of them could be given for free. So whoever wants to get a handful of marketing resources in the weight loss niche here is an opportunity. Get these weight loss ebooks and be in business right away. I would suggest few creative ideas, but after all everyone has his/her own way of doing business.

Give away weight Loss PLR eBooks and build your list

The developed world has been hit with a wave of obesity and there seems to be no one left and no way out of it. People are getting fat by the day,  eating and doing nothing. Do these people need help in reducing their body weight? Would they be searching the Internet for informational products regarding weight loss? We all know the answers for both questions will be a big YES. So there is no question the market is there and there is no question either to the toughness of the competition between marketers. Giving away free, but valuable, report will always give us an upper hand in this fast-changing digital age. Get a domain name, hosting, autoresponsder and start your campaign. Once you set up your income funnel system, it will be a matter of time before you start to see results. Use some of the free Weight Loss PLR eBooks to build a responsive e-mail list.

Sell these Weight Loss PLR eBooks as is

You don’t want to go  through lots of trouble but want to make quick bucks? Quite easy. Create a shopping cart that can handle the sales and delivering of products and start promoting them. If you can afford paid advertising, then you can start getting sales in few days. But if you rely on free search engines’ traffic, then you have to wait till your posts get  to the first page of  search engines. Once your promotions start to rank for keywords, then you can tell success is on the horizon. Go grab these 33 good quality Weight Loss PLR eBooks now and do what you can to profit from them.


Why lose hope? Hold On Change is coming

One of our biggest source of frustrations is being short sighted, meaning, not being able to see what our life will be after a while. you are in debt and as of now you feel your life is done, right? You can’t see the light at the end of this treacherous, long, frightening tunnel. So you thought that is it, you are done. No, No, No, Hold On Change is coming! You can’t see it? Well, problem is you are not trained to use your “Other sight”. If you meet anyone who is trained in another dimension of reality, then you start to understand that there are people who look “Crazy”, who laugh and relax in the midst of troubles and tribulations. You know why they do this? Yup! they have already seen the light at the end of the tunnel, they call it the eye of faith.

I am writing this post from the position of life where i am close to financial breakdown. Is it scary? Yes it is, and in my natural circumstances there seems to be no way out of this. But thank God for all the people who trained me from early childhood to see things that are not visible, in the eyes of faith. The moment i start listening this song i am going to share with you “Hold On Change is coming” i started to see the future. Yeah, in a sense that it is comforting to know that things will change for the better. Don’t be a fool as so  many are, thinking to end their life when the situation they are in is completely recoverable. They only can’t see it and they thought it is going to end that way anyway. Not for me, not for you if you are trained to walk by faith.

Just absorb the message in this “Hold On Change is coming” song

The song is just a simple message with a common phrase “hole on”, but it touches one of the basic problems of human beings. We tend to lose hope so easily and the moment we say to ourselves “No Hope”, the light in our life starts to get dimmer. This song must refresh you and rekindle hope again. I tell you the truth, the main problem of your frustration is your blindness to what holds the future. If you are in life’s good side, you know what i mean? Heading for progress, heading for a good productive life, then learn how to walk by faith. Hold On change is coming, and everything should be all-right.

Hold On Change is coming; start walking by faith

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